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Sebastian strolled over the hills, covering the ground quickly with his large strides. He knew Grell would be waiting for him over by the river and just the thought of seeing him again set his heart beating faster.

As Sebastian rounded the hill he saw Grell standing not far away with his back to him. As silently as he could Sebastian crept up behind him and placed his gloved fingers inches away from Grell's eyes. He felt Grell stiffen and he whispered into his ear, "Guess who?"

"BASSSSSYYYYYY!" Grell whipped around and enveloped him in a great hug.

Smirking Sebastian lifted his right hand up to his mouth and pulled the glove off at the middle finger. This was enough to turn Grell into a quivering mess, giggling like a schoolgirl. When Sebastian's fingers were de-gloved he took Grell's face in his hands and they locked lips, their eyes were closed.

After a solid minute Sebastian was going dizzy and he held Grell up as his knees gave way. They stopped; they both were breathing hard and inches from each other's faces. Sebastian saw that Grell's eyes were distant.

"Bassy, you have lipstick all over you"

"Be quiet Grell"

Sebastian moved his lips from Grell's and traced his jawline with them and down his neck as he lowered Grell's body to the ground.

As his lips got down to Grell's collarbone, Sebastian suddenly stopped. Grell started in alarm and got up and hurt clearly showed in his eyes.

"Bassy, what's wrong?"

Sebastian smirked at him, pulling his gloves back onto his hands.

"NO! You can't just leave me there, hanging like that, come on Bassy, let's carry on where we left off!" Grell fluttered his lashes and attempted to twine his fingers in Sebastian's hair.

"Now, now Grell, where would I be if I couldn't tease you a little bit" Sebastian leaned in and gave Grell a short, sweet kiss.

"My master's calling me", his voice was deep and soft.

"Argh! Why do I always come second to that BRAT! I want some more, Bassy."

Sebastian chuckled, "All in good time Grell, you'll just have to be patient." He turned on his heel, his tailcoat whipping behind him.

"I will not be patient Bassy! I want more, NOW", he stepped towards where Sebastian had been a moment before but his whining fell on silent ears; Sebastian was already gone.



Sebastian's mind was in turmoil, Grell wasn't the only one who wanted more, but they simply didn't have the time. If only he wasn't controlled by Ciel. Then… then they would have the time, and he would have Grell. He walked slower purposely, he had to get his thoughts in order before seeing the young master; he needed a clear head for whatever job he was to do next.

When he arrived at the Phantomhive household he had a clear head and he had pushed all, or mostly every thought about Grell from his head.



I called him again; he should be here by now! As I heard the faint footsteps coming up the steps to my bedroom, I made sure everything was ready.

It was time to put the first stage of my plan into action.
It's what you have all been waiting for! YAOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII bassy and grell :iconmwahahaplz:
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KymmieCup Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sooooo awesome! I'm loving all of these chapters :icononionx3plz:
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AHHHHHHHH! I lurve cliffhangers, I do!
This is sooooooooooo epically cool, you should seriously consider this as a career choice (writing in general, not just black butler yoai fan fiction) ;)
PixiBoo Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2011
LOOOL why thank you :P :icongrellrapefaceplz: <--- hes looking at you :D
DeMantle Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
i hope ceil isn't doing what i am guessing what he is about to do. . .

PixiBoo Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011
haha not quite yet xD even better....
DeMantle Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
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